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PSAS, formerly known as the Polytechnic Tanjung Malim (PTM) is the 15th polytechnics established by the Ministry of Education. PTM began operating in building technical schools, Slim River on 1st March 2002. On 1st  April 2003, PTM moved to its own campus on 110 acres at the Behrang, Perak. PTM campus is equipped with a variety of appropriate infrastructure as a center of higher learning. The first batch of 553 people had signed on July 6, 2003

      On March 27, 2004, PTM was officially registered under Ministry of Higher Education which offers 7 certificate programs and 8 diploma program at that point. PTM was officiated on 7 May 2005 by the Majesty of Paduka Seri Sultan of Perak and was change to its present official name, Polytechnic Sultan Azlan Shah.

      Starting in July 2010, PSAS focus on 14 Diploma Programme and one Education Program in Advanced Diploma of Advanced Diploma in Automotive Design and Manufacturing Engineering which started organized in July 2010. This program is a collaboration between the Proton Holdings Berhad, together with the Polytechnic Sultan Azlan Shah's approach Work Based Learning (WBL).

      Until now a total of 89 students were enrolled in the study program and have graduated at the 10th convocation. Another study program run by four major PSAS Department, the Department of Civil Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Department of Commerce, supported by 2 support departments, namely the Department of General Studies and the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. The management of PSAS assisted by 14 administrative support units and services.

      After 13 years of establishment, PSAS further strides forward with a bachelor's degree program in Automotive Manufacturing, which the first cohort of undergraduates Automotive Manufacturing started a total of 25 study session on PSAS in year 2014. The year 2015 also witnessed a milestone in the achievement of PSAS when achieved the Gold Award in the series APACC audit held in early 2015. It is the first international achievement by PSAS in Institutional Management

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Politeknik Sultan Azlan Shah
Behrang Stesyen,35950 Behrang, Perak.

Tel: 605-4544431, Fax: 605-4544993

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